Learn To Trade The Crypto Market Confidently

OnyxCrypto is a global crypto trading education company. We teach
everyone from novices to struggling traders how to navigate the world’s newest and
fastest growing financial market from the location of their choice.

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Create A Lifelong Skill-Set

Educational Training To Create A Lifestyle Business

 Most people rush into trading crypto without being properly educated, this is the main factor holding 99% of people back from truly unlocking the potential of this market.

OnyxCrypto educates everyday people and struggling traders to build better skills, discipline, and habits, as they navigate through the crypto markets. We believe in-depth education is crucial to being successful trading crypto.


A Simple Rule-Based Price Action Strategy

The key to profiting in the crypto market lies in one’s ability to execute a well-constructed strategy. Unfortunately, many traders lack the knowledge and understanding of technical analysis, resorting to speculative methods such as gut feelings and best guesses, we eliminate this problem by providing comprehensive education on technical analysis, equipping our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to identify their unique edge in the market

The 3 Pillars To Trading Confidently

We believe that consistent success as a trader is built upon three fundamental pillars: 1) a technical edge, 2) defined risk-to-reward parameters, and 3) rule-based execution. Our comprehensive education program is designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and understanding of these pillars, allowing them to develop a powerful strategy that will maximise their consistency and increase their chances of success in the crypto market.

Develop A Winning Strategy

Developing a successful strategy in the crypto market is a process that requires more than technical analysis. It encompasses the development of a winning mindset, effective risk management and a deep understanding of how to execute with confidence.

The Onyx Educational Roadmap

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    Learning The Skill

    Learn how to trade correctly from the start, learn the analysis, the risk management and the executional keys to trading confidently

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    Executing The Skill

    Executing your new skill and leaning on coaches to provide feedback and help

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    Optimizing The Skill

    Optimise your skill to remove mistakes and bad habits so you can remain consistent and have structure and frameworks

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    Scale The Skill

    Scale the skill to build the lifestyle you want whilst being in a community of like-minded individuals

Trusted By Traders Globally


Yes, our program is suitable for all levels of experience, at OnyxCrypto we teach everyday people or struggling traders the right skills, knowledge and mindset to trade the crypto market confidently on their own.

Through the educational phase, you simply need motivation, time and an internet connection/computer to access our training modules, everything is fulfilled online and is self-paced study

No, at OnyxCrypto we are purely educational and do not promise or guarantee results. There is no magic bullet to ‘’get-rich’’ and we don’t believe in ‘’get-rich-quick’’ We focus on knowledge rich education and providing you with the best skills, strategies and knowledge to create a lifestyle business for yourself, but we will never guarantee results as every person takes on this knowledge different and has different circumstances.

At OnyxCrypto we have a combined experience of 10+ years trading the crypto market and have a huge track record for successful education, we also teach a unique approach to trading, using a rule based strategy so that you aren’t relying on 100% discretion or relying on luck to create success through trading.

Most companies teach simple retail trading strategies that you can find on YouTube for free. We provide unique education and focus on the 3 pillars of trading success that most companies simply ignore.

With our strategy, you do not need to have any previous experience trading the financial markets. We take you from a complete beginner to expert within 30 days of joining.

With global recession fears growing, 90% of businesses suffer during these tough times. 

Cryptocurrency is a market where you can make a profit when the market rises but also when the market falls or weakens. This means it is completely recession proof and is an income source that will be crucial over the next 10 years.

Like it or not, most ways of making money seem to always carry a large investment needed to see them get off the ground.
With Cryptocurrency trading, there are literally no overheads. This means you can focus on what is important… Profit.

Most businesses require staff and physical locations to either house these staff or simply store goods.

With trading, as long as you have a mobile device and access to the internet, you will be able to profit from anywhere in the world.